magic eraser wipes used to remove dity marks, soap scum and grime fast and easy


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SHYN MAGIC ERASER WIPES - Costing 0.25c a wipe, super cost effective and absolutely amazing when cleaning things on the go. Just wet with water and wipe and the grime is gone. Wash it out and put it under the sink or throw it away, 0.25c is an easy choicer to make. Amazing when doing the quick vanity clean up, or wiping out a few shelves, removing a few marks on the walls, washing down the shower, cleaning out the sink and even cleaning up the white shoes on the way out. They are so handy, you just need to have a packet at your fingertips for the anytime use.

The magic eraser in all it's forms is created to remove grime fast like using a fine sandpaper to remove the paint when applied, gentle and easy. 

We've got a FAQ page for helpful tips, and loads of videos on all platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course our How to SHYN Facebook group. When you've made your SHYN purchase our team will send you videos by email and all the details you'll need to know when caring for your cloths, what to use where and where not to use certain products. We've got you, we're here to support you, you'll always receive instructions and information from trained cleaners and detailers and you'll always be answered or followed up within 24 hours unless it's a weekend, then it's first thing Monday morning.

I'm pumped to hear how you've made your life SHYN, how much better do you feel after using the SHYN system, how does your home or work feel after a SHYN clean? And what are you doing with the extra time you've got back since using SHYN? 

I really want to know, I've put everything into making sure you've all got everything you need to crush it, I love hearing your stories 😍