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If you've been watching and  you're not too sure, i've created this bundle for you.

It's enough for you to be able to see results. Keep reading this next bit is really important. When you receive you're sample kit, this is what i need you to do.

Test one patch on each surface, all the areas that you find a pain you need to test.

This is how you test with  

1 - SHYN DEGREASER - Spray one patch, agitate using a wet microfibre or a wet magic eraser, remove the product residue using your wet microfibre cloth and wipe dry using your SHYN polish cloth. If it's grout spray one small patch and agitate using a grout brush or old toothbrush and rinse or remove residue using your wet microfibre cloth.

1 - SHYN POLISH CLOTH - Wash the mirror using the wet microfibre cloth with no product on it, then wipe dry using your DRY AND CLEAN SHYN polish cloth. For wiping dry shiny surfaces, just wipe the surface dry one time, just make sure it's been cleaned beforehand. You can try also a kitchen cupboard, wash it first and wipe dry using this cloth.

1 - SHYN DOUBLE STRENGTH MAGIC ERASER - Wet it alot, jump in the shower and wash it down using your magic sponge, then go over to your doors and remove the dirty marks with this sponge, don't press too hard. You can do the same thing on your microwave plate, on the edges of your tiles and even on your white shoes.

1 - SABCO BLUE PROFESSIONAL MICROFIBRE CLOTH - Just wet it and wash your kitchen  bench and feel everything come off so easy, or use it dry to pick up the dust on your skirting boards.

1 - SHYN PASTE - Used wet always, put a little bit on your sponge or cloth and clean a patch of a stainless steel sink and rinse with water, or under the hood of the bbq or on some grout in the shower, for grout you'll need to agitate using a wet grout brush or broom.

By then you should know what you need and how much of it, also feel free to call our team and run through what you need to do and we can help.

Don't be shy i can't wait to hear from you :)

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH is to watch the tutorial videos on our How to SHYN Facebook group. 

Our CEO has also created an Exclusive Members only teaching page when learning HOW TO SHYN a space where you're updated on all new products, videos, and tutorials. We don’t ever stop making videos, we’ve got a home detailing business and we're seeing more and more different surfaces as the days go on.

Using the product without knowing how to use it is like having the best ingredients to cook the most beautiful food, without any recipe or directions, how does the food turn out? Not the best, it’s the same with anything in life. All great things have a process especially when cleaning.   

If you've got the technique by watching the videos, and not the right product, you'll be left with the same results you’ve always gotten, make sure you’ve got the right tools and correct technique so you can achieve incredible results every time.

Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!