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The Ultimate Bundle

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This is the pack that you’ll use for years, you’ll need to update SHYN degreaser, paste and sponges, but the rest you’re set for 12-18 months even 2 years.

 Let’s run through the list on what you’ll get 


The most powerful & versatile cleaning product, YOU WILL EVER USE - Created to break down the layers of built-up grime, making it really soft and like water to remove, making hard cleaning easy. Results that you never thought were possible will become possible as soon as you test the product on the right surfaces.

✅ 1 LARGE 870g - SHYN PASTE 

Removing surface stains on surfaces can be a really hard job and almost impossible unless you’ve got this paste in your hands. Here’s why - SHYN PASTE is Infused with exceptionally fine crushed pumice designed to break through and remove surface stains such as surface rust, brass, stuck on stains in ovens, on glass, chrome, and stainless steel, grout, scuff marks that don’t come off in white shoes, on walls doors skirting boards. 

Just think of a time where you’ve had a surface stain on any surface this product 99% of the time would’ve removed it.

✅ 20 PACK OF SHYN MAGIC ERASER WIPES - The magic eraser wipes are the solution for fast and easy on the go cleaning. 

Once your finished with the sheet it can simply be chucked out or used for another time.
They do break down and disintegrate as you use them.

They work out to be 0.25c per sheet, the benefit of buying these magic sheets is the time you'll save and the minimal effort you'll need to get those quick jobs down.

✅ 1 GROUT BROOM AND POLE - When removing the dirt and grime in your floor grout, this is the tool you'll use to get the job done, 

Get off your hands and knees when cleaning the grout there's no need anymore.

The pole is 122cm tall enough for you not to have to bend, unless your 5-8  to 6ft

The bristles in the brush are strong and will last                                                                The SHYN degreaser will breakdown the grime in the grout,and the brush always used WET will lift and remove the grime straight away. Use a wet microfibre mop to remove all product residue. You might have to do this process two times to get rid of all the product

✅ 100 PACK OF NITRILE DISPOSABLE GLOVES  - Medium size Gloves that don’t rip open the moment you start using them.  12 years of sourcing and we’ve found them. They’ll last you your whole job.

They're powder and latex free, puncture and chemical resistant

✅ 1- SLIM LINE DETAILING BRUSH  - Used WET to get into those deep crevices, lifting and removing the stuck in grime.

✅ 1 - SABCO GROUT BRUSH - Used WET to remove built up grime and dirt in grout.

✅ 3 PACK OF MR CLEAN STEEL SCRUBS -  Cleaning oven racks, bbq plates, element covers, stained drain covers really bad build up on shower tiles, glass and frame, this scrubber is the real deal when removing really tough stuff.


Used for regular cleaning when removing light to medium grime and residue on surfaces using ONLY water.


✅ 1 750ML AEERIS ACTIVE MOLD KILLER - This is not a bleach, this is a product that directly kills mold and and all other bacteria at the same time.

✅ 1 DURABLE ALUMINIUM RIBBED MOP POLE - This pole is the strongest, lightest mop pole teat SHYN have ever come across.

It's lightweight, strong and made with durable aluminium, tall enough where we don’t need to bend and fits right into our mop head. This is a mop pole you'll have for life. 

Made for removing regular grime, they are double size, cut them in half and get two out one 


Our SHYN DOUBLE STRENGTH Magic Erasers are the King of Magic Erasers because their LOADED with double the amount of melamine sponge, ensuring it last you double the time and on the eraser are little circles of extra eraser compressed, giving you extra power to cut through the grime even easier, while protecting the sponge at the same time.


The SABCO Professional RED microfiber cloths – Are a 300gsm meaning the quality is incredible and especially at the price they are.

The Sabco professional cloth is created to pick up and trap bacteria, dust and grime on impact.

✅ 10 BLUE SABCO PROFESSIONAL MICROFIBRE CLOTHS – Are exactly the same as the RED only the colour is BLUE  

 ✅ 10 SHYN GREY ULTIMATE CLOTHS  -   The most absorbent drying cloth we have here at SHYN will blow your mind when drying a panel of glass or kitchen cupboards, splash back, microwave  and the in the bathrooms, the shower, the mirrors and so much more. Streak free drying is what you’re about to experience everywhere. Infused with a thicker layer of bamboo, polyester and microfibre combined this incredible cloth will eliminate the need for any glass cleaners for the rest of your life. 

You’ll wash the surface with wet fluffy microfibre cloth removing all the surface residue, then wipe the surface dry with your SHYN ULTIMATE cloth one time and your done ….. Just wait a minute in until it dries by itself.

✅ 10 SHYN POLISH CLOTHS -  This light weight and easy to  manoeuvre SHYN Polish  cloth will blow your mind when wiping a glass or shiny surface dry. infused with bamboo polyester and microfibre this incredible cloth will eliminate the need for any glass cleaners for the rest of your life.

You wash the surface with water in your fluffy microfibre cloth and when you wipe the surface dry with your SHYN polish cloth, you’ll only need to wipe it dry one time and boom…. Just wait til it dries

It sounds really simple and it is, if you haven’t seen our team use it go and watch the video before you make the purchase. The SHYN Polish cloth will absorb water more than most other cloths you’ve ever used, it’s not our most absorbent, but it is the cloth we recommend using for every day use.

✅ 1 WINDOW KIT -  Used to clean LARGE mirrors and windows 

✅ THE WALL AND FLOOR TOOL - Imagine you need to reach 2 metres high to clean walls or ceilings - Problem solved

Imagine you've stuck on grime on a rough painted wall or a concrete wall where it can be a pin to clean as there are thousands of little grooves you need to get into, Problem solved.

When wanting to get in under furniture that's too heavy to move - Problem solved

The aluminium pole you'll receive is made to last, it's extendable and does NOT bend ever. It's lightweight yet extremely durable.

✅ 5 RED WALL AND FLOOR absorbent pads that pick up and trap dust and grime , used wet or dry. This pad is like your fluffy microfibre cloths you clean and dust with, only it's for the walls and floors.

The 100% cut pile microfibre pad is strong and thick, the quality is second to none, made in Italy, created to pick up bacteria, dust, grime and absorb 5 times more liquid than your average floop pad, used on all types of floors and all types of walls. I've created the kit with this pad to be able to remove the product residue from the walls when using SHYN degreaser. I also know sometimes you don't want to get the mop bucket out because you've only got one room, this tool and pad would be perfect for just that.

✅ 2 XTREME WALL AND FLOOR PADS - Perfect for agitating and removing the grime that sticks into the crevices on rough  on walls and regular cleaning non slip surfaces, the little scrubby bits in between the microfibres agitate the grime and remove it without you having to scrub it by hand.

✅ SABCO PROFESSIONAL MICROFIBRE MOP - The solution for regular cleaning all types of flooring - Streak free results every time, machine washable, the fibres are designed to pick up and trap bacteria on impact. 

✅ 2 WALL & FLOOR DOUBLE STRENGTH MAGIC ERASER - If you're about to clean really dirty walls, like really baked in grime, this is the pad partnered with SHYN degreaser that will make really hard almost impossible cleaning easy and incredibly fast.

If you've never experienced magic erasers on hard to clean surfaces your world is just about to open up.

Our CEO has also created an Exclusive Members only teaching page when learning HOW TO SHYN a space where you're updated on all new products, videos and tutorials. We don’t ever stop making videos, we’ve got a home detailing business and we're seeing more and more different surfaces as the days go on.

Using the product without knowing how to use it is like having the best ingredients to cook the most beautiful food, without any recipe or directions, how does the food turn out? Not the best, it’s the same with anything in life. All great things have a process especially when cleaning.   

If you've got the technique by watching the videos, and not the right product, you'll be left with the same results you’ve always gotten, make sure you’ve got the right tools and correct technique so you can achieve incredible results every time.

Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!   

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.