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spring cleaning kitchen

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Everything you need or might need when cleaning your windows, tracks, frames and fly screens is in this bundle.

The Shyn degreaser marinates through any built-up grime making it easy to remove on both the glass, the tracks, the frames and the fly screens.

To the slim line detailing brush getting into all the nooks and crannies on the tracks and the frames.

To the amazing window washer that has a removable cover that is made up of microfibre Technology picking up and removing all the fine dust and dirt on your glass surfaces using only water. The best thing about this is it machine washable.

And the incredible squeegee that’s here to remove all  the water so you don’t need to wipe it by hand avoiding unnecessary injury. The squeegee will last years, the rubber you will need to replace every few months if you use it a lot.

Now to the most incredible glass cloth, this is a cloth that you will remove all water that has been left behind with one wipe. That’s it no chemical just one wipe of the Ultimate Glass Cloth and any water left behind will be gone. 

You’ve got a few of them, I made sure of it so you don’t run out and have to use a wet cloth, if that happens the glass will streak 

Become a professional within your own home - say good bye to hand cleaning your windows and cleaning with glass cleaner only to have streaks left behind.


10 X SHYN Ultimate Glass Cloths 

1 X Window cleaning kit 

1 x 2 litre SHYN Degreaser with a spare commercial bottle and trigger 

1 X Slim Line Sabco detailing brush 

I guarantee you this will become addictive.

You may not even hire a window cleaner any more, when you have the time to do it yourself.

This will save you a monster of time and energy when it comes to cleaning build wardrobes and your windows.

Our window kit will have you cleaning windows using only water take you approximately 3 minutes a panel, cleaning glass will never has been so easy.

Make sure you dry your squeegee and don’t leave it in a bucket of water if that happens the rubber will bubble very quickly.

And that’s it cleaning your glass, your mirrors and your windows will feel like a  breeze.

HOW TO SHYN - Our Facebook teaching page and don’t forget your QR CODE on your product cards.

Our CEO has created an Exclusive Members only teaching page for the Shyn product range.

This page will give you unlimited access to the Shyn Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell.

That’s 12 years of professional detailing advice, tips and tricks.

• Halve your cleaning time

• Halve the energy you put into cleaning

• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.