Magic Floor Pad

Magic Floor Pad

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This is the large magic eraser floor pad the attaches onto the doodle bug.

1 full pad should last 1 whole house before it will need to be chucked but FIRST.

✅ How will you know when you need a new pad?

🚩 The pad is too dirty and stained, meaning it won't work, you can however cut the dirty piece off.

🚩 The pad must be rinsed regular when removing the build on the floors, to release the grime, making sure the pad is working at it's best. If you don't the pad won't work and you'll be putting in too much effort.

🚩 The pad may crack you might chip it off on the corners of something, that's ok. It will disappear as you use it, when there is no more magic sponge there's no more.

🚩 To get the most life out of your sponge, release the grime after every 6 -8 tiles.