Wall and Floor tool double strength magic eraser

Wall and Floor tool double strength magic eraser

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If you're about to clean really dirty walls, like really baked in grime, this is the pad partnered with SHYN degreaser that will make really hard almost impossible cleaning easy and incredibly fast.

If you've never experienced magic erasers on hard to clean surfaces your world is just about to open up. 

If you've got the wall and floor tool and your tiles are really dirty you can now use this tool instead of buying the doodle bug (another tool) to remove the baked on grime and /or residue.

This pad is like twin brother of our double strength hand held double strength magic eraser they don't just melt away.

When using this pad it must always be used WET, the wetter the better.

The magic pad needs to be rinsed as it's getting dirty or it just won't work like i promise you it will.

Incase you didn't know this pad goes onto the wall and floor tool, used for removing grime on walls, and can also be used when removing grime floors.

The picture you can see is a 5 pack of sponges

The sponge simply attaches via the Velcro the back of the pad 

The density is :32-35kg/cbm 

The size is 38*12*1.5cm 

The area i would recommend NOT using this pad on timber floors. 

I would be really careful when using this pad on coloured walls 

Please check out the FAQ page for deeper knowledge on this pad