Sabco 400g Commercial Premium Grade Microfibre Round Mop Blue Superior

Sabco 400g Commercial Premium Grade Microfibre Round Mop Blue Superior

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MICROFIBRE Mop Head you will need to purchase turn in mop pole - A MUST have for any home with Hard Floors. Unless you’ve got a steam mop.

This mop is designed to pick up all grime and bacteria on the floors with the microscopic fibres.

Used wet normally with boiling hot water, wrung out properly this mop is the mop you need to remove all dirt and bacteria whilst leaving your floor streak free without any chemical unless you’ve got heavy traffic then you’d put a cap of Shyn  degreaser  in your bucket to make it easier to remove all the grime with minimal efforts.

Tired of trying different mops with poor results?

Sick of spending money on replacement heads every 2-3 months only to be left disappointed with the same streaky floors?

Sancient Micro-Fibre mops are cut above the rest!

The microscopic fibres work to trap the dirt whilst removing bacteria. Unlike the cotton-loop mop which only remove  30% of bacteria off the floors.

The microfiber mop picks up 99% of bacteria, without the use of chemicals.

The super soft yet strong fibres make mopping so easy, gliding across all surfaces with minimal effort.

Change the way you clean, forever!

  • To keep your mop head in the best condition, machine wash on hot.
  • Do not use softeners to wash.
  • Can be dried in the sun or in the dryer.
  • For heavily built-up areas you’ll need the floor bundle for the first detail.
  • For heavy trafficked homes put a cap of Shyn degreaser in your mop bucket, it makes cleaning heavily trafficked areas so much more easier.
  • You can add disinfectant if you’d like it won’t affect the mop just don’t put too much in.
  • Continually release the grime in your hot water when mopping your floors.
  • Wash after a every use 

This mop head is attachable to an aluminum pole available from most hardware stores or cleaning supermarkets and used best with a Commercial Grade Mop bucket.


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