The Doodle bug, Extension Pole & Magic Pad

The Doodle bug, Extension Pole & Magic Pad

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Save thousands on professionals when you can become one in your own home.

If you’ve got the time and you want to have the power and knowledge.

You’ve found your solution.

If you’ve got built-up grime or what looks to be stains on your tiles or hard floors (not wooden floors) THIS toil is for you.

Understanding that years or months of over used chemicals and times where maybe the floor wasn’t cleaned properly has built up and with hot and cold moisture will bake the grime onto the floor making it really hard to remove. UNTIL NOW!!

Signs of a build up

  • Tiles look discoloured
  • The floors feel hard to mop (when you push down you can feel build up).
  • It looks like you've got a film on your tiles.
  • Your tiles are porous, and your current mop doesn’t get your floors clean

The magic sponge you attach on your doodle bug and fire away, you must use wet, when the magic sponge is full of dirt you need to release the dirt with water so the pad will continue to do it’s job.

You’ll need The Shyn degreaser to marinate through the build-up - stuck grime.

Making it easy to lift and remove.

The doodlebug and magic pad are used wet to remove all build up from the floors without bending at all, and the promise is, it will be effortless. All you have to do is rinse out your magic sponge when it gets too dirty. 

You’ll also need a Microfibre mop or a steam mop to remove all of the product residue.

Once you have cleaned the floors for the first time you will only need to do this every 12 or 24 months , unless you have really hard to clean matte flooring then this solution will be your go to.

If you’d like to clean the grout as well you need to buy a grout broom and clean the grout before you remove the product with your microfibre mop.

How long will this last me? 

The sponge = a whole house or half a big home 

The pole = Forever its amazing quality

 The attachment = If your gentle with putting the pad on and off years, if your hard handed about a year. 

If you break it you can easily fix it. I’ve has one break in 5 years, because I’m heavy handed, it’s about $35 to replace.

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• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


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