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WINDOW CLEANING MADE EASY - Using the right tools 

To achieve streak free glass, squeaky clean tracks, frames and fresh fly screens you'll need a few things to get that done, if you want to get it done the first time, not the fourth time.

When cleaning windows option 1 - Is to of wash with a microfibre and dry them with a SHYN glass cloth by hand or 

Option 2 - Is to use your window washer to remove all the residue, dirt & dust and squeegee remove most of the water, then you'll use your glass cloth to wipe the edges dry.

Option 2 - Will save you 100% of the effort and 50% of the time

Little square windows and louvers, you can use your cloths, that would be effective.        Window tracks and frames you'll need deep bristles that get into the crevices to bring out the gunk, which is where the detailing brush comes into play.

When windows, fly screens, tracks and frames have a heavy build up - You'll need SHYN degreaser to loosen the build up making it easy to remove.

I've got 2 options for you 

1 option is the window kit tester, you'll have the window washer, the squeegee, the deep bucket and 1 SHYN Ultimate cloth. Once you experience the SHYN Ultimate cloth, you'll know how much you need more to get the job done in the fastest and easiest possible way. Once you try and clean the tracks without SHYN degreaser, it might be irritating, showing you, you need something more with extra strength to breakdown the dirt, dust and grime.   

Option 2 - The Window bundle has everything you need to get all parts of the window cleaned in all conditions, without running out of cloths, products and not having the correct brushes to get the job done. 

In the window bundle you'll receive 20 SHYN Ultimate cloths, 5 double size magic erasers, 1 detailing brush, 2 litre SHYN degreaser, the deep bucket, the window washer and squeegee and 5 blue microfibre cloths.

We've got a FAQ page for helpful tips, and loads of videos on all platforms, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and of course our How to SHYN Facebook group. When you've made your SHYN purchase our team will send you videos by email and all the details you'll need to know when caring for your cloths, what to use where and where not to use certain products. We've got you, we're here to support you, you'll always receive instructions and information from trained cleaners and detailers and you'll always be answered or followed up within 24 hours unless it's a weekend, then it's first thing Monday morning.

I'm pumped to hear how you've made your life SHYN, how much better do you feel after using the SHYN system, how does your home or work feel after a SHYN clean? And what are you doing with the extra time you've got back since using SHYN? 

I really want to know, I've put everything into making sure you've all got everything you need to crush it, I love hearing your stories 😍