Magic eraser wipes made from Melamine sponge 20 pieces in a pack

SHYN magic wipes 20 pieces per pack

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Imagine walking into your bathroom after the kids, wife and or/and husband has just left the sink full of makeup, toothpaste and maybe a little face charcoal.

The options are to bring out the SHYN degreaser and your microfibre cloths that you'll also need to wash and dry OR

You’ll pull out your magic eraser sheet, soak it in water and simply remove all residue in one wipe without using any product and doing any washing. 

The magic eraser wipes are the solution for fast and easy on the go cleaning.
Once your finished with the sheet it can simply be chucked out or used for another time.
They do break down and disintegrate as you use them.

They work out to be 0.25c per sheet, the benefit of buying these magic sheets is the time you'll save and the minimal effort you'll need to get those quick jobs down.

The SHYN Sponge Sheet Density is :32-35kg/cbm

The Size of the sheets are :15*9.5*0.2cm

A few more surfaces to strategically use these sheets are 

Spot cleaning walls 

Washing down the shower once a week 

Cleaning the inside of the sink and tapware

Removing marks on table cloths 

Removing the stuck on residue sitting on the inside plastic of the washing machine  

Removing sticky residue out of the cup holders of the lounge 

Wiping sticky or spilt residue on all floors (quick wipe, easy wipe)

If you haven’t seen us use them just yet head on over to our How to SHYN Facebook group where we show you on so many surfaces.