SHYN Magic Eraser - Double Strength

SHYN Magic Eraser - Double Strength

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Our SHYN DOUBLE STRENGTH Magic Erasers are the King of Magic Erasers because their LOADED with double the amount of melamine sponge, ensuring it last you double the time and on the eraser are little circles of extra eraser compressed, giving you extra power to cut through the grime even easier, while protecting the sponge at the same time.

Activated using only water, SHYN Magic Erasers work like a fine sandpaper, removing the layer of grime and residue on the surface. 

Areas and surfaces to use the SHYN double strength magic erasers on  

  • Soap scum in the shower of bath and in the sink  
  • Scuff marks on the walls  
  •  Removing grime from skirting boards, windowsills, doors and door frames  
  • Oily spots and built-up grime on all kitchen surfaces  
  • Build up grime/residue on all stone, marble, laminate, plastic all surfaces with grime 
  • Removing the dirty ring around the inside of the pool  
  • Used on leather and vinyl and in tandem with SHYN degreaser on lounges gently to help remove the stuck on dirt and grime 

Helpful hacks   

  • On built-up areas you’ll need to apply SHYN Degreaser on the built- up areas to break down the grime, making it easier to remove with your sponge, less scrubbing. If you don't, you'll need a lot of more arm power
  • Rinse the sponge out regularly, releasing the grime ensuring they're always performing to the best of their ability.  

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH is to watch the tutorial videos on our How to SHYN Facebook group. 

Our CEO has also created an Exclusive Members only teaching page when learning HOW TO SHYN a space where you're updated on all new products, videos, and tutorials. We don’t ever stop making videos, we’ve got a home detailing business and we're seeing more and more different surfaces as the days go on.

Using the product without knowing how to use it is like having the best ingredients to cook the most beautiful food, without any recipe or directions, how does the food turn out? Not the best, it’s the same with anything in life. All great things have a process especially when cleaning.   

If you've got the technique by watching the videos, and not the right product, you'll be left with the same results you’ve always gotten, make sure you’ve got the right tools and correct technique so you can achieve incredible results every time.

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