The Nook & Cranny Detailing Brush

The Nook & Cranny Detailing Brush

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The SHYN Nook & Cranny Brush - Getting into those hard to reach areas ! 

The SHYN Nook & Cranny Washing Brush gets in and around areas, where normal sponges and fingers can’t.  

By using 2 hands you are able to wrap the brush around the item to clean and then get right into the corners. Some examples are Taps, U-Bends, Pipes and Furniture Legs. 
Size : 63cm 

  • Wrap the brush around the item to be cleaned 
  • Hold the ends of the brush in your right and left hand 
  • Move your hands backwards and forwards to get the brush in contact with the dirt 
  • Wipe away loose debris with a SHYN Microfibre cloth 
  • When the brush gets dirty, rinse in water, or place in a dishwasher 

TIP – To avoid build up of dirt and gunk around taps, minimise the amount of water residue is left after each use.  

The SHYN Microfibre Cloths are great for daily cleans and cleaning up the excess water, keeping areas in your home, clean at all times.  


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