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To our home owners - This  is all you'll need to upkeep in between our visits.

The SHYN paste will last you a year and you'll only need that for other things we don't touch but i know you'll need it, everytime our clients buy it they use it. I'm helping you in advance.

The SHYN degreaser you'll use in the shower and the bath when it's been heavily used by someone greasy or with someone using lots of soap, and in the mop bucket if you mop in between.

The cloths will be your most loved treaures they'll make daily cleaning a breeze, you've got no residue, no build up , it;s just the day to day. No products required.

The pink and grey one to wash or dry dust a surface the grey ones to wipe a surface dry especially glass and mirrors you'll love them.

The kitchen cloths you'll use daily to remove the daily grime FAST & super easy.

The magic erasers i've only included two, you won't need them for the home ever but awesome when you need it as a one off for the door, wall or something at hock.

What's included 

1 x 5 Litre SHYN Degreaser 

1 x Commercial spray bottle and trigger

1 x 850gram Large SHYN Paste 

2 x Double Strength Magic Erasers  

5 x SHYN Ultimate Glass Cloths

2 x SHYN Daily wash Sponges 

4 x SHYN Pink & Grey Multi-Use Microfibre Cloths