SHYN Degreaser *BULK 25 Litre*

SHYN Degreaser *BULK 25 Litre*

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SHYN DEGREASER the Game Change when it comes to Cleaning.

Halving your cleaning time on hard to clean areas and achieving RESULTS like never before.

Shyn degreaser has been formulated to cut through the grease and grime like NO OTHER household product.

If you've ever struggled with cleaning your shower, kitchen cupboards in medium to bad condition you'll love this.

Wait let me add another: Tiles:  If your tiles are discoloured from grime or chemical build up and you haven't been able to lift it.

Watch how easy they come up, but you'll need to watch the videos on how to use the product to achieve the same results..

Shyn degreaser takes the hard work out of cleaning and turns it into fun.

NO way you're probably thinking!

Imagine you've got a beautiful shower but it's dirty and it never comes up the way you'd hope.

Then one day you apply Shyn degreaser and begin washing it with a wet Shyn eraser and... BOOM all the build up is just coming straight off, you then rinse the product off and wipe it dry with a Shyn polish cloth and BOOM you've got a brand new shower.

There's no crazy effort and no struggling.

How would that feel, you then look at your kitchen and immediately know what's about to happen, you then look at the tiles you're standing on, the ones your always getting streaks with, you try the same thing and... BOOM brand new.

Yes this is what happens but you've got a whole house to play with!

Areas Shyn degreaser work best on.

  • Tiles
  • Walls (test an a small area first)
  • Chrome
  • Range hoods
  • Showers
  • Baths
  • White or black sinks
  • Kitchen cupboards 
  • Stove tops 
  • Some types of blinds (test an a small area first)
  • Most types of surfaces (test an a small area first)
  • Bathrooms
  • Fans 
  • light fixtures (test a small area first)
  • Outdoor tiles 
  • Window tracks

Areas not to apply Shyn on 

  • Unlacquered timber or wooden surfaces
  • TV screens
  • Tinted windows or glass
  •  Unsealed areas 

If your happy with the RESULT  keep going if you need a help or advice please feel free to give us a call on 0450400471 or 130004SHYN. 


* Photo is of our small 5L bottle, not our 25L.