Sabco Wall and Floor Tool

Sabco Wall and Floor Tool

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Designed to avoid injury and take the effort out of Wall cleaning we’ve found has also been an asset when cleaning bathroom floors regularly.

 It’s not a night mare to wash walls anymore!!!!

We don’t need to tie rags on holders and hair tie it on anymore. We just remove the pad rinse it out put it back on & use it again. It’s as simple as that. 

This light-weight, microfibre cleaning tool is the perfect companion. From its high-quality, adjustable aluminium pole, to the easily changeable microfibre pads this tool is designed with you in mind to avoid injury when cleaning walls and floors.

You'll keep this tool for years to come.

The Wall & Floor Tool For Flooring

Whenever floors are mopped for the first time it’s inevitable that residue is left behind. Using microfibre technology and using the pad damp, this pad picks up all residue and dries quickly without the need to reboil water, you’ll only need to remove the pad, wash it out with detergent, wring it out and place it back on.

Used in tandem with water OR SHYN Degreaser, this is the perfect tool when:

  • Wall washing 
  • Removing product from floors and walls
  • Lifting any fine residue left behind from mopping 
  • Clearing up quick spills
  • Wall dusting (use dry)

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