Bathroom bundle Everyday upkeep

Bathroom bundle Everyday upkeep

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Bathroom Upkeep Bundle

Simplify your bathroom cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom can be really easy once you learn an easier way.

You don’t need heavy duty chemicals or really any chemicals when you understand your surfaces, and what’s needed to clean them.

The SHYN bathroom bundle has been designed to take the challenge out of removing soap scum, streaking glass, and avoiding unnecessary injury. What if you could just clean your bathroom and it was easy and it was done right the first time without killing yourself doing it. This is what this bundle is here for.

Achieving a  crystal clean bathroom with very minimal effort.

Once you clean using the SHYN method you’ll never turn back.

The wall and floor tool is used so you don’t have to bend down when cleaning your bathroom floor, using one of the pads wet to wash the floor removing that pad and putting on a dry one to dry it up. Sometimes you might like to add some Shyn degreaser if the floor needs it. And especially if you have a large bathroom this will help a lot this will save you from getting the mop bucket boiling the jug, pulling it up the stairs to simply bring your tool that’s super light weight wetting your pad to wash the floor taking the pad off, wiping it dry with a new pad,  then putting them both in the washing machine to wash and dry ready for another day. And the pole extends so you can even get the kids cleaning.

The magic erasers will last you for months, and are used to remove anything it comes across within one wipe, these are double strength erasers that don’t rip apart.

Our ultimate glass cloths are used to soak up water straight away and leaving NO lint behind. We use them on the glass and chrome fixtures to dry and most importantly  leaving a streak free finish. These cloths you will see are truly amazing.

Our black Polish cloths are the same make as our ultimate glass cloth but lighter in weight, meaning they are much easier to move around on your hand when you need the quick wipe dry the quick remove marks on glass type of thing. You’ll use these more as a daily upkeep.

Our Shyn degreaser is the bees knees for removing anything built-up, in the basins, in the toilet bowl & inside the shower there’s no such thing as hard-core scrubbing on a regular basis when you have SHYN degreaser in your bathroom.

Our SHYN multi-use Microfibre cloths are insane when it comes to picking up daily grime and dust OMG you will see.

Used wet to remove grime on toilet, the outside of the vanities, marks on power switches, and washing mirrors.

Your health and what you breathe in, is a number one priority here at SHYN and this pack will guarantee that you don’t need to use harmful chemicals, to get the results you desire, every time!


5 x SHYN Ultimate glass Cloths

2 x SHYN Ultimate Polish Cloths

4 x SHYN Multi-Use Microfibre Cloths

1 x Sabco detailing brush

1 x Sabco grout cleaning brush

4 x Shyn double strength magic erasers

1 x 2x Litres of Shyn Degreaser

1 x large tub of Shyn Super Scrubbing Paste

1 x Sabco Wall & Floor Tool

 Features and benefits of these products included in this set, can be found on the products individual page

HOW TO SHYN - Our Facebook teaching page and don’t forget your QR CODE on your product cards.

Our CEO has created an Exclusive Members only teaching page for the Shyn product range.

This page will give you unlimited access to the Shyn Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell.

That’s 12 years of professional detailing advice, tips and tricks.

• Halve your cleaning time

• Halve the energy you put into cleaning

• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.