Pac Vac Super Pro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner
Pac Vac Super Pro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

Pac Vac Super Pro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Amazing suction power  
  • Incredible value, long lasting and easy to move around 
  • The Super Pro vacuum cleaner is what we’ve used for the past 6 years, they’ve outlived all our previous vacuums that were supposed be the best quality because they cost a bomb, they weren’t the bomb, and they weren’t as comfortable as the Pac vac. 
  • It's super comfortable on your body and sits perfectly, has ample padding making it comfortable to use all day. Coming from someone that's used it all day. 
  • We've also fitted it with an 18m long cord which allows you to complete your vacuuming without having to switch PowerPoints so frequently. 
  •  VACUUMING WITH THE SUOPER PRO is literally like walking around directing the pole where to move, the floor tool is incredible and just picks up everything on impact without going over the same area twice  
  • Everything's washable - The poles come apart you can wash those, the head comes off you can wash it, the hose unscrews, you can wash that, the bag comes out you can wash that and so does the lid and filter. It's just so easy to work with. 
  • When cleaning under furniture bend down and move your mop and the super slim fit floor tool just picks up everything. 
  • The vacuum can be used left and right-handed simply turn the lid around the other way, so the hose is positioned for the arm you need it for. 
  • Adjustable straps for the arms and support for the back, the belly/back strap holding everything tight. 
  • 2 year warranty on body and motor for all parts excluding consumable parts 
  • 30 day returns ( we’re not happy until you are)  
  • One size fit all  
  • I can't speak enough about this super star of vacuum, it's our definitely been out saving grace over the years.  

From the creators of Pac Vac 

A backpack vacuum provides the user with freedom and strong suction power to deliver high productivity and a deep clean for large scale commercial environments, making it the number one choice for commercial cleaners. 

This vacuum includes a HEPA rated Hypercone™ filter, delivering cleaner air, and a premium motor to provide strong suction power to tackle your daily vacuuming tasks. 

We want you to be comfortable when you wear your backpack vacuum, so we partnered with leading ergonomists to create a lightweight body molded frame and an extra comfy harness with thick padding in all the right places. 

*Superpro 700 comes with five disposable paper cone dust bags and two reusable SMS cone dust bags in the box. 

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This page will give you unlimited access to the SHYN Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell. 

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