Pac Vac Super Pro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

Pac Vac Super Pro 700 Back Pack Vacuum Cleaner

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No more bending over, No more crappy suction power 

this vacuum will change your life. Not just because of its amazing section but because of how easy it is to use. Because you can vacuum more area in the same time. And they last and last and last. We’ve had ours for six years and it still works amazing, and that’s commercially used.  Everything comes apart and is washable so it’s totally easy to fix the blockages when they come up, to wash the filters wash the hoses. 
they are the bees knees.

 Super pro 700 backpack vacuum provides the use that with freedom, strong suction power and a HEPA rated Filter to deliver high productivity deep clean and cleaner air with a premium motor to provide strong suction power to tackle your daily vacuuming tasks on all surfaces.

we want you to be comfortable when wearing your backpack vacuum so we’ve partnered with the leading ergonomist to create a lightweight body moulded frame with an extra comfy harness with a thick padding in all the right places.

We’ve also fitted it with an extra 18m lone cord which allows you to finish your vacuuming without to switch power points to frequently.


Super pro 700 comes with 5 disposable paper cone dust bags and 2 re-usable SMS cone dust bags in the box.