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This is not a bleach, this is a product that directly kills mold and and all other bacteria at the same time.

Team SHYN have used Aeris active on mattresses, shoes, shower grout , walls and ceilings and have had incredible results every time. Once you've the sprayed aeris active, everything is dead, now it's time to remove the residue and dead bacteria, using a wet microfibre cloth or rinse it off with water. It's a really simple process and very easy.

Our mold remediation neighbours have been using this product for years it took a while for them to share their secret with us, now we share that secret with you.

Questions asked frequently

Does Aeris active remove the stain of the mold? – It depends on the surface, you will need to remove the dead stuff using a wet microfibre cloth or you might need a little SHYN degreaser to help make it easier, it's not a spray and disappear product, it's a spray and die product. 

What surfaces has team SHYN used Aeris active on?  

  • Grout – Applied and left for 2 minutes, agitated using a brush and it’s gone 
  • Silicon – Applied Aeris active and left for 3 hours, changed colour to orange, re applied 5 times, it got more orange, I believe the actual silicon is stained though. 
  • Mattresses – Applied Aeris active left for an hour, sprayed SHYN degreaser, agitated using a wet microfibre cloth and all the black mold colour removed  
  • Walls – Applied Aeris active left it for 5 minutes, agitated using our microfibre wall pad WET on the tool came straight off. Reapplied to keep the mold away, hasn’t come back in 8 weeks, usually comes back in two. 
  • Black leather shoes - Sprayed on and wiped off.... mold gone, no stain 

That’s our experience in 3 months, this product is used amongst all mold remediation companies we know, it’s the product they use to kill mold everyday and it works because that's what their business do on a daily basis. 

EASY tips to make removing the black colour left behind

  • What we've found is when spraying SHYN Degreaser on the surface and wiping it off using a wet microfiber cloth after we apply Aeris active, the colour removes so much easier than when we remove it using only water and a wet microfibre cloth. 
  • TRY BOTH and see what works better for you, when it becomes an effort, spray some SHYN Degreaser, problem solved and try a wet magic eraser if it's still tough.
  • It won't just rinse off you'll need to agitate it with something, a brush, a magic sponge, a microfibre cloth/pad. 


  • The silicon and some grout when stained, you'll need to let the bleach to sit on for a few hours to soak into the silicon.  This is the only area that we've found won't budge.


  • Apply Aeris active using a dry microfibre cloth/pad and wipe it on, leaving a layer of Aeris active on the surface, 
  • For shower grout, simply spray and leave. 

Safety instructions  

  • Always wear gloves (it irritates the skin) 
  • It is safe to use as it’s TGA approved, there’s very little smell, but don’t spray in your mouth or eyes  
  • There are fact sheets attached in the pictures for you to read 
  • If your spraying a whole room, wear protective glasses, and cover your skin. 

FACTS about how Aeris active actually works  

Aeris Active™ helps long-term microbial control with its patented quat-polymer invisible protective film, ensures that your surfaces remain germ free. The film does not impact how the surface is used, leaving the treated surface cleaner and safer for a longer period of time.  Aeris Active KILLS MOULD, yes kills mold. The safety sheets are here for you to look at, no problems. 

A highly effective, one-step hard surface disinfectant cleaner that leaves an invisible protective film which kills COVID-19 for 7 days and provides bacterial protection for up to 30 days*.  Disinfects in dirty conditions, readily biodegradable and compatible with the vast majority of natural and synthetic surfaces.