A green fluffy microfibre dusting head attached to a soft grip handle used for dusting surfaces


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I brought these into The SHYN Shop for people that can't or would like some extra help when removing dust  behind the tv, on top of the dvd players, the window sills, plantation shutters and blinds.

The cover is removable and can be machine washed, the handle has a soft grip for comfort and isn't too big to handle and manoeuvre. For some people  holding a dusting cloth and gripping it with all fingers and reaching out is hard and hurts and in most times that's why the dusting is left til last. This little cost effective tool, will be great if that's you.

And amazing little tool  to give the kids when they had like to jump in on the action it's bright and fluffy the kids will love it.. 

When you first get it give it a good hard shake, little pieces of green fibres will come out, it's totally normal, but a pain in the ass if you don't plan on vacuuming. Once i gave it a good shake i didn't have that problem any more.

The fibres grab onto and trap the dust the same way your microfibre cloths do.