Know your numbers masterclass 12th of APRIL 7PM

Know your numbers masterclass 12th of APRIL 7PM

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Samantha Campbell an entrepreneur, creator of the home detailing system and a global trainer will be live with you, walking you through step by step on how to write out and understand your numbers. By numbers i mean your over head cost, your direct cost, and how to work out what your cost are by the hour. To be able to price a job you must first know what it cost you to operate. If someone asks you what's your minimum call out charge, what's your answer? What about travelling out of the area? Do you just put $50 on top and hope for the best. 

It took me me years to understand my numbers, because i didn't know what  questions to ask to be able to get the answers i needed, then fell into the "i'll work it out later when i've got a day free" or "maybe i'll find a teacher that can understand how i understand language and that might work". I know it sounds insane but that was real for me, and i suffered for it, i lost for years, worked my ass off to have nothing in the bank, hired, trained and kept people on board when they should of been gone months ago, but i didn't know how much they were costing me because i didn't know my numbers. I held onto hope, that didn't work out, all that did was dig the hole deeper.

Until i found the right mentor to help me.

In this 60 minute masterclass on understanding your numbers, i guarantee you will understand 

1. How much your team cost you

2. How much you need to make per day to pay your bills

3. How much a lead costs you

4. What are your direct cost and what are your over head cost and what your variable cost are.

It's time to stop running at a loss, give yourself the confidence you need to take action now and grow your business to a level you've never thought possible or maybe you've hoped it would be what you'd dreamed of and it's not there YET.

I can't wait to see you, to give you the knowledge you need, to never run from your numbers again, get excited and get ready to step up and own your future.

Come and join me This Tuesday the 12th of April at 7pm

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