Wall Cleaning Bundle

Wall Cleaning Bundle

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The ALMIGHTY Wall Bundle!

If you’ve ever struggled cleaning walls today is your lucky day get ready to halve your time and effort right NOW!!

 This wall cleaning bundle has been designed to stop you from bending in the wrong position causing unnecessary injury,

And to help you clean your walls as efficient and effective as possible.

It’s also been designed to avoid permanently damaging your walls.

About the product use

Using our SHYN degreaser, once sprayed onto the wall it will marinate through the grime making making it easy to remove without the straining on your body.

Our wall and floor tool will stop you from bending down as it’s got an adjustable pole that moves to the length you need it.

You’ve got the microfibre technology that picks up and removes any think it touches on the end of your pole.

Making it so much more easier

You’ve got extra pads that you will use to remove the product once cleaned.

And all you have to do is rinse out your pad and use it again.

When cleaning skirting boards we’ve given you double strength magic erasers that don’t fall apart or disintegrate easily.

We’ve given you a detailing brush so you can get in the nooks and crannies of your skirting boards and windowsills when needed.

The tools included in this pack, will make cleaning walls a breeze!


1 x SABCO Wall & Floor tool

4 x Sabco Wall and Floor Pads

1 x Small SHYN Paste

5 double Strength Magic erasers

5 x Litres of Shyn Degreaser  + Commercial spray bottle and trigger

1 x  SABCO Slim line detailing brush

How long will this last me

Pads = 100 to 150 washes

5 litre degreaser = 3-4 full homes of walls

Detailing brush = 3 years they are built strong

Shyn paste = 1 or 2 homes when moving scuds marks on all walls

Double strength magic eraser = 1 will last you a whole home of skirting boards

The Wall & Floor Tool = Years it’s been built strong 


HOW TO SHYN - Our Facebook teaching page and don’t forget your QR CODE on your product cards.

Our CEO has created an Exclusive Members only teaching page for the Shyn product range.

This page will give you unlimited access to the Shyn Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell.

That’s 12 years of professional detailing advice, tips and tricks.

• Halve your cleaning time

• Halve the energy you put into cleaning

• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.