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Handee Duster

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Handee Duster – Eliminate the struggle to dust hard to reach places!

The handee duster takes the headache & the fuss out of removing the dust from areas that are hard to reach.

The super fibres create electro-static energy that attracts dust like a magnet, so the dust stays on the duster and it doesn't move around the surface.

It can be used attached to the 1.2 -1.7 m telescopic handle or used on it's own. Preventing you from bending down to dust areas like the skirting boards. Saving the impact on your body!

Use your handee duster to remove dust the easy way on the hard to reach areas, as in.
• Ceiling fans
• Cobwebs
• Behind furniture
• Under beds
• In between hard to reach areas
• Light fixtures
• Blinds
• Fan covers
• The tops of the doors and window frames
Care Instructions:
Simply use warm water and detergent and wash by hand. Rinse thoroughly. Allow to dry in the sun