Floor Bundle (Initial Clean)

Floor Bundle (Initial Clean)

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Save thousands on a professional floor detail, when you can become one in your own home. 

If you are wanting to detail your floors and can have the products and tools without the price tag of getting someone in to do it for you, then this bundle is what you need. 

If you've got a build-up on your floors, this bundle will be perfect for you. 

Signs of a build up 

  • Tiles look discoloured 
  • The floors feel hard to mop (when you push down you can feel build up). 
  • It looks like you've got a film on your tiles. 
  • Your tiles are porous, and your current mop doesn’t get your floors clean 
  • 1 x 5 litre Shyn Degreaser 
  • 1 x Micro fibre Mop head 
  • 1 x Universal bathroom tool 
  • 1 x Magic floor pad 
  • 1 x Hand held Shyn eraser 
  • Apply Shyn degreaser on your tiles and allow it to soak for 2 to 5 minutes if possible. (make sure it comes out like a mist, so it covers more area). 
  • Use your Magic floor pad on your universal tool, wet (dripping wet) begin washing your floors (you will need to re dip in water to rinse the pad hot water preferably). 
  • Use your hand-held eraser to clean the edges of the floors. 
  • Mop your floors using your micro fibre mop. 

 Top tips 

  • When your mopping the floor after it’s been washed make sure you continuously change your mop water when using your micro fibre mop. 
  • Squeeze your magic pad out every 10 minutes (releasing the dirt so the pad. (either push it down in the mop bucket or rinse it with your hands).. 
  • Use your boiling water in your mop bucket. 
  • Clean 1 room at a time (so you know it works and it will give you confidence). 

What if my tiles are streaky? 

  • Have you left too much water on your tiles? 
  • Have you made sure your water was clean? 
  • Have you removed the product correctly? 
  • Have you washed the floor properly (not missed any bits)? 
  • Have you vacuumed properly? 
  • Is this a new home? There may be left over builders dust on your flooring
How do I wash the mop? 

    You can wash your mop in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer with normal washing detergent but do NOT use fabric softener. 

    How long will the Magic floor pad last me? 

    • Your Magic pad may crack, it may look dirty but it will still work until it breaks off and you cannot use it. 

    How much degreaser do I need to use? 

    • Make sure your spray trigger is on the fine spray, you need to ensure every part of your tiles are covered in Shyn degreaser. 

    What floors can’t I use Shyn degreaser on? 

    • Timber or wooden floors you cannot spray directly on the floors, leave it in your mop bucket. 
    • On all floors make sure you test a small patch of flooring first before you commit to the entire room. 

    How long will the mop last me? 

    • The Micro fibre estimates between 250 and 300 washes before you will need to purchase