Bathroom Bundle THE FIRST DETAIL

Bathroom Bundle THE FIRST DETAIL

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Bathroom Bundle  THE FIRST DETAIL

A solution based bathroom detailing kit that removes what other products leave behind!

There’s hundreds of bathroom chemicals on the market, which claim to transform your built up grime conditioned bathroom to sparkling without scrubbing. NOT REAL, if you have built-up YEARS /MONTHS of make-up on your face, what product can you spray on your face and all of it will come off with a rinse? NONE.

Unless we’re talking an oven cleaner.....

Are there products to remove make up after one day without touching your face? YES but not weekly, you will need to agitate to remove whatever is sticking to your surface the SHYN solution is that you only have to use very minimal effort to achieve a sparking bathroom in very minimal time.

We not only tell you what to use and where to use it, we physically show you in our videos that are on your QR code when you purchase our products.

We’re always here to support you on the phone if and when you need us. All questions are run through our CEO the creator of HOME DETAILING.

We made it simple and affordable to achieve the professional results, as we do daily, by putting together an efficient & effective affordable pack which WILL make cleaning the most dreaded area in your home, easy & effective!

This bundle is what we use for the very first time to bring your bathroom back to new so it can be maintained effortlessly.

  • This bundle will get your bathroom looking exactly how you want it. Unless it’s permanently damaged 😳
  • Shyn degreaser will marinate through the toughest grime making it so much easier to lift and remove.
  • The Sabco Wall & Floor tool – Will make  floor to ceiling tile cleaning, doable without ladders and injury!
  • The Ultimate glass cloths will leave your glass & chrome ware streak free.
  • Shyn paste will remove all surface stains on any surface especially grout and chrome ware. (Not wood) 🤔
  • Shyn double strength magic erasers will last when cleaning heavy duty grime they won’t let you down and break away.
  • Our brushes will have all nooks & crannies ready to clean effortlessly.
  • Once you use this bundle to detail your bathroom, the upkeep of your bathroom on a regular basis will be effortless. Watch and see.
  • How microfibre cloth will make removing light grime effortlessly easy to remove.
  • We’ve been told time and time again how these areas, stay cleaner for longer. This is mainly due to all residue is GONE, you’ve got a brand new bathroom to maintain.

REMOVE the need to clean with harmful chemicals – and forget struggling when cleaning anymore.

Forget adding useless products to your shopping trolley each week – WE have you covered!!!!

THIS will be a jaw dropping experience, even for the most novice of cleaners!


  • 8 x SHYN Ultimate  Glass Cloths 
  •  4 x SHYN Multi-use Micro fibre Cloths
  •  1 x SABCO Detailing  Brush 
  •  1 x SABCO Grout brush 
  •  4 x  double strength Shyn Erasers
  •  1 x 2  Litres of Shyn Degreaser
  •  1 x large tub of Shyn Super Scrubbing Paste
  •  1 x SABCO Floor & Wall tool
  • 1 x SABCO Floor & Wall tool refill pad

Imagine being able to replace every store bought product for your bathroom, with everything in this bundle! You now can!   

Join thousands of households who love and use our products every single day and that we use, in our client’s homes.

Achieve professional results, every time you clean!

HOW TO SHYN - Our Facebook teaching page and don’t forget your QR CODE on your product cards.

Our CEO has created an Exclusive Members only teaching page for the Shyn product range.

This page will give you unlimited access to the Shyn Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell.

That’s 12 years of professional detailing advice, tips and tricks.

• Halve your cleaning time

• Halve the energy you put into cleaning

• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.