Sabco Wall and Floor Tool

Sabco Wall and Floor Tool

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The tool that will change your life FOREVER when cleaning walls 

This lightweight, microfibre cleaning tool is the perfect companion when removing grime/dirt/residue from walls, wall tiles and even light residue on the floors. 

Avoid back, hand grip, shoulder and elbow injury by using a lightweight tool, attached is a pad that grabs onto the dirt with very minimal effort using only your shoulder and forearm to direct the tool on where to go. 

For medium to heavy soiled areas, you will need to spray your SHYN degreaser on the surface first, then remove the grime using your tool, rinse the grime and product out of the pad, remove the product on the surface then allow it to dry. It’s a far easier system the scrubbing whole walls by hand. So much less effort is required, more steps but faster and so much easier. 

  • The pole extends out to just over 1 metre making it easy to move around from cleaning the tops of the walls to the bottom. 
  • The pad is removable, it sticks on with Velcro making it easy to remove and put back on. 
  • An easy solution when rinsing out the dirt/grime and product, then putting it back on to ensure the pad is grabbing everything on the surface with minimal effort. 

NO MORE - tying  microfibre cloths onto a broom using a rubber band. 

  •   Cleaning will be faster when you’ve got a few extra pads, so you’re not running to the sink every 3 minutes to rinse the one pad out. 
  • The Tool - can be used wet to wash and used dry to remove dust. 
  • This tool can also be used to remove residue left on floors, just make sure the water is hot, and squeezed out properly, this will avoid streaking. 
  • This tool is used to clean large wardrobe mirrors and windows, an awesome part of this tool is we can remove the pad and attach our SHYN ultimate cloth to the tool making it easy to dry the glass without streaks and remove and smear marks in seconds. (Make sure all product is removed if you’ve applied something other than water). 
  • Used when cleaning large bathroom floor tiles, because we can change the pads instead of changing the mop water and mop head = SAVING TIME and MONEY  


THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF MAKING THE SWITCH is to watch the tutorial videos either on our How to SHYN FREE Facebook page, or on the product cards you'll receive with your products. 

Using the product without knowing how to use it is like having the best ingredients to cook the most beautiful food, without any recipe or directions, how does the food turn out? Not the best, it’s the same with anything in life. All great things have a process especially when cleaning. 

If you've got the technique by watching the videos, and not the right product, you'll be left with the same results you had before you begun. 


All products come with How to Cards 

On the back each product card is a QR code, scan the code and watch all relevant step by step video tutorials to be able to clean in the most efficient and effective way. 

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