SHYN DELUXE - Medium Gift Hamper
SHYN DELUXE - Medium Gift Hamper

SHYN DELUXE - Medium Gift Hamper

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Whether you're ready to SHYN! yourself or buying for a gift - you can't go wrong with our tried and true SHYN Method! We are so excited to be launching our latest Gift Hamper range - there's one for everyone! Our hampers make perfect gifts because you know our products are safe, free from harsh chemicals, easy to use, and best of all they actually WORK!

Do you remember the struggle of using so many products (that barely worked) before SHYN came into your life? Our customers have told us that they used to spend hours at a time, sweating it out cleaning the house and were often sick from inhaling all the nasty chemicals and bleaches. 

Don't keep the secret to yourself. Help the people you love join the hundreds who are now excited to clean! Without any hard scrubbing, gifting the SHYN Method to someone else is life changing! It is not just about the products - it's about all the time and money you'll be saving them for years to come.

Basically, you're giving them a home they're going to love for years to come!!

What's Included

Inside each gorgeous hamper you will find:

3  x  Multi-use Microfiber Cloths Red & Green

4 x Double-sided Glass Microfibre Cloths

1 x 1 litre SHYN Degreaser with a Commercial Trigger 

3 x Double Size Magic Erasers

1 x Medium Shyn Super Scrubbing paste 

You will also receive our new "How to" cards which have been custom made to accompany each product. On them you will find what surfaces the products work on, how to use the products, general hints and tips and even a QR code that links to our free online video tutorials!

How to SHYN

Our CEO has created an Exclusive Members only teaching page for the Shyn product range.

This page will give you unlimited access to the Shyn Cleaning System, where you’ll gain extensive knowledge and have access on how-to-clean tutorials and detailed videos and content, by the CEO herself, Samantha Campbell.

That’s 12 years of professional detailing advice, tips and tricks.

• Halve your cleaning time

• Halve the energy you put into cleaning

• Eliminate all harsh chemicals and most products in the home

• Feel satisfied after every clean


Become part of the SHYN family by joining us today!!

If you need help or advice, reach out and call us on 0450 400 471 or 130004SHYN.